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June 6, 1944
The D-Day Landing ignites the Cotentin Peninsula.
Of the five beaches chosen by the Allied Chiefs of Staff to gain a foothold in France, Utah Beach is no doubt the most difficult to conquer: just behind the dunes, an expanse of coastal marshes will singulary complicate the task of the dicisions of paratroopers and infantrymen launched against the Cotentin.
Yet, it is at Utah Beach that the Allies will count the least number of casualties.
Since its inauguration in 1962, the Utah Beach D-Day Museum has never ceased enriching its collections.
At present, it assembles more than 2,000 artifacts and hundreds of archive photos in a scenography retracing the story of the most extensive amphibious assault of military history.
How did people live in Normandy in the days before the Landing?
How did the Germans prepare to repel the offensive?
What were the forces in presence?
What were the major decisions taken during the battle which proved critical to its successful outcome?
Focusing on about fifty of the Museum’s flagship objects, this book will plunge you to the heart of the event as it relates the saga of the Utah Beach Landing.