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My name is Rudy Passera, owner of Normandy American Heroes, Interpretive Guide and Master of Ceremonies for the 2016 International D-Day Commemoration.

I created my company, Normandy American Heroes, to pay homage to those who fought and during the Second World War, to honor the sacrifices made and to educate younger generations on the meaning of courage, competence and devotion to duty.

Normandy American Heroes offers an all inclusive private custom tour of the Normandy Campaign. Why? Because we believe it is the ideal solution to travel in Normandy and follow the footsteps of men who fought for our freedom.

We are proud that both Rick Steves and the Utah Beach D-Day Museum, have entrusted us with guests wanting to travel back in time to discover the  history of the Normandy Campaign. If you are looking for more than just a standard package tour, then stop hesitating, contact Normandy American Heroes.

Let us tailor-make your own personal travel experience and then just enjoy it! You won’t find these amenities with other World War II tour guides or local tour operators. With us comfort, experience and tour departure are all guaranteed.

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Phone: +33 6 30 55 63 39


This memorial to Higgins, his boats, and the men who rode ashore in them has been given to the people of France by the citizens of Columbus, Nebraska, the birthplace of Andrew Jackson Higgins.

The memorial here is a replica of a memorial built in Columbus in 2001, and is also a celebration of partnership between Columbus and Sainte Marie du Mont… two communities tied together by history and a heritage of freedom.

Barge Higgins Borne00 Barge higgins Utah Beach

In June, the Utah Beach Museum should receive a replica of a LCVP Higgins boat.

Jeff Fortenberry, Charles de Vallavielle et  Henri Millet.

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